Contraction & billing

The Contracting & Billing business process is based upon information contained in the Customer agreements. Contracts are administered to ensure the terms and conditions of the agreements are not violated and the fees and penalties are properly assessed, managed and invoiced. Fees and penalties require information from a variety of sources, such as ship discharge reports, daily send-out allocations, and customer inventory.

Contracts and Billing requires information from various sources including Customer Contracts, Customer Inventory, Shipping Coordination, Customer / Utilities Invoices, and Nominations and Allocations. The primary destination of information generated by Contract and Billing is a Customer Invoice.

The value added activities executed in the Contracting & Billing process are summarized as follows:

  • Manage contract and customer master data
  • Manage contracts and invoice customers
  • Manage Customer Services requests
  • Provide Customer with information to invoice, netting invoices and settle payments
  • Manage transfers of service rights between Customer

Outputs from this business process are invoices with supporting calculations, transactional records for accounts receivable, disputed invoice item escrow notifications, contract compliance reports, and Invoice dispute notifications.

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