The VOF Zuidwending, a joint venture between Gasunie and Nuon for construction and management and maintenance, achieves near Zuidwending (Veendam municipality) a underground gas buffer. To that end, the salt mining concession of Akzo Nobel is selected as a partner. This gas is intended to buffer sudden differences between demand and supply of gas to catch. Thus that increases the supply possibilities of Dutch consumers. The deep undergrounds in Zuidwending are selected from research as the most suitable site emerged. The geological conditions of the Groningen salt caverns are very suitable for natural gas. In addition, the location is relative close to the natural gas transmission and gas field Slochteren which is extremely beneficial. The development of the buffer gas was started in September 2003 with the presentation of the plans to the various authorities. Meanwhile, all necessary permits are issued and in the spring of 2006 the construction of the pumping station, a power station, electricity cables and the laying of various cables started.

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