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Europe's largest, open-access gas storage

TAQA is committed to contributing to consistent, affordable, reliable and sustainable energy supplies to Northwest Europe. Long-term analysis shows that the decline in gas production will create a substantial decrease in flexibility in the market. To fill this gap we developed Europe's largest, open- access gas storage; providing the Northwest European gas market with 46 TWh of seasonal storage capacity. Gas Storage Bergermeer will begin full commercial storage operations in 2015.

Independent storage operator
Gas Storage Bergermeer is an independent storage operator with service delivered at the TTF. We offer a technically advanced, highly flexible, storage product. Gas Storage Bergermeer places great importance on customer focus, providing transparent and innovative services to maximise value. We strive to ensure our fair and transparent approach is evident in all we do. From our products and services, to our Standard Storage Services Agreement - we treat all customers equally - both in terms of the auctioning of capacities and our extensive support.

Strategically positioned
With Gas Storage Bergermeer, TAQA is re-using the depleted Bergermeer gas reservoir as gas storage, applying modern and innovative technology. Situated near the Dutch city of Alkmaar, and located 2,500 metres underground, the Bergermeer gas reservoir once held 17 BCM of natural gas. In the last 40 years the gas was extracted to provide energy, power and heat for the Netherlands. The Bergermeer reservoir has the ideal geological characteristics for gas storage and is strategically positioned: well connected to the gas transport network, close to major cities and industrial centres and only 20 km from the BBL pipeline transporting gas between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


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